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Control Room Summit - Out of Control? Decrease the cost of failures in control rooms (ENG)

11 jun 2021

Out of Control? Decrease the cost of failures in control rooms

Friday 11 June/Vrijdag 11 juni, 11.00 - 11.45

What have we all learned from the past year, with reference to Corona? Lots of things, of course. But one key lesson is that the prevention of crises is exceedingly important. And that reasonable measures taken by organizations, companies, and governments in advance of crises, to shorten their time spans and minimize their impact on our everyday lives are certainly worth it. They protect people, processes, infrastructure, workplaces, profitability, and our standard of living. 

Control Room Summit - Out of Control? Decrease the cost of failures in control rooms (ENG)

What is the True Price of Operational Failures?
When accidents happen and there are insufficient fallback plans in place, organizations bear the brunt of the failures. Failures can be simple and very mundane, like a device that accidently gets unplugged. Or slightly more serious, perhaps key control systems or operator workplaces that become unavailable, alarm systems that don’t work, or video walls that no longer display key data. Or even whole locations that become unavailable. When the faults are quickly resolved, however, the impact is low. But when they continue for longer, the costs can be devastating. To operational integrity, the reputation of an organization, workflows, employee satisfaction, money and even lives can be lost. 

What are the true benefits of system stability and robust technology?
The lesson learned is that for reasonable and tested technology, modest amounts of additional spend for resilience which actively reduces operational risk for mission-critical infrastructure is worth every penny. And that in the long run, protecting your assets, be they people, staff, infrastructure, IT systems, or whatever you define, saves money. The costs of failures which occur without sufficiently flexible backup and business continuity plans in place can be devastating. And the truest benefits of putting those protections in place is a quick return to normal ongoing operations. Business as usual.

The speakers:

Manuel Witzke is the International Sales Manager and authorized Officer at WEYTEC.

Michael Heynen is the Channel Sales Manager at WEYTEC. 

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