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TITAN Workplace solution

Due to the multitude of information flows that operators handle, the work for operators becomes more complex .To keep a good overview, we work with the personalized work areas. With this, each operator determines which information flows are shown where and when. So that he / she can perform his tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible.

What is TITAN?
TITAN is the state of the art operator desktop solution, specially designed for integration of hardware from different suppliers. It gives operators a good overview of the processes. This applies not only to the display of images or processes, but also to the workplace. With TITAN operators create a well-organized, tidy workplace, in which all equipment and the required systems are integrated. This allows operators to work efficiently and purposefully.

What makes TITAN unique?
OpSpace op de TITAN deskTITAN is characterized by its robust and compact appearance. Although the table is only one meter deep, it has the same work surface as a normal operator desks. But it takes up less space. The desk is developed with two 4K monitors for optimum image quality. This allows up to 8 sources to be displayed at full HD resolution. With Barco OpSpace, the operator is even able to share his pixel space with even more sources, as shown on the right of the image. The LED lighting at the bottom of the desk is installed to visualize alarms and / or availability. The table top and screens are individually adjustable in height. This way every operators can choose the most ideal configuration The unique features of TITAN:

  • Ultimate 'one pixel space' solution
  • Integration of different sources
  • One keyboard and mouse
  • 4K resolution displays
  • Fully scalable and customizable
  • Ergonomic design

Demonstration of TITAN
Are you curious about TITAN? Make an appointment for a demonstration at Inter Visual Systems in Duiven.